Avoiding magnetic attraction - the key to superior sound

Okay, fellow audiophiles, be sure to hold off on purchase decisions until you know what design aspect(s) enable the superior performance we’re all looking for! Of course, this “need to know” search makes you susceptible to the BS of a few other industry participants. Get ready to hear the following: 

  • Look at this “shiny” product
  • Check out these exotic materials
  • See the “brain power” of our design team
  • For this price tag…it must be good
  • We’re proven winners
  • Version 1.0 had great reviews, so Version 8.0 will be even better
  • Check out these measurements
  • Look at my fancy graphs…

As the Audio Dork, I don’t waste your time or mine with such ”fluff.”  In fact, this one rare time, I’m going to go behind-the-curtain and give you a brief description of the CH Acoustic cables’ secret sauce. Like that sexual connection between you and a new lover, if the magnetic attraction is stronger than your compatibility in other areas, then it could cloud your judgment. In this case, your audio sound.

We contain and practically eliminate Magnetic Hysteresis. Don’t know what that is? Skip straight to buying cables and cords from the ONIX Collection and enjoy. 

For our advanced folks, a power cord (even audiophile quality), running at normal US household 120v, has a magnetic field that can be easily detected at five feet (5’) or further.  

  1. The magnetic field interacts with EVERYTHING (e.g. carpet, hardwood, air, lights, plants, pets, people, etc.) it comes in contact with to varying degrees. Within five feet (5’) or more, your entire listening environment impacts your system.
  2. Also, as current demand ebbs and flows, the potential for magnetic hysteresis increases.  Hysteresis is basically a multi-car crash of all the negative things in a given system. 
  3. The extremely dynamic nature of this magnetic field enables time smearing, frequency smearing, current delay, etc.

Depending on the wattage, all that negative crap can come through your interconnects and speaker cables.  Considering the compact nature of the back end of your components (w/ closely placed inputs, outputs, etc.,), system complexity and the listening environment --  it’s almost impossible to obtain consistent performance or anything close to the ‘original event.’  GOOD…is as good as it gets with most cable looms.

You guessed it….the ONIX cable and cord collection is designed to have NO DETECTABLE MAGNETIC FIELD, with a Gauss meter touching the cable and over 100 watts of continuous power.  This GREATLY LESSENS the impact of the many variables that could reduce our cables’ performance to simply GOOD.  As you move up the CH Acoustic line, there is a significant increase in the amount of continuous power at which there’s NO DETECTABLE MAGNETIC FIELD.

So…simply put...The Audio Dork is the way to go for better than good, no BS. 

Stay Dangerous! 

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