Break-In: A Barrier To Audiophile Gratification

I want my audio equipment to provide FULL performance, and I want it now! Call me a complainer if you want to, or heck, don’t call me at all if you can’t deliver what my fellow Audiophiles and I are asking for!

Let's begin with a basic definition that can help TRUE Audiophiles. Break-In -- it's the manufacturer's suggested (or required) usage time for the component to achieve FULL performance.  I've seen a few recommended Break-in periods as high as 400hrs. Are you kidding me? I need to wait up to 400hrs or 17 straight days before I can hear what I’m supposed to on equipment that I paid for? Get the heck out of here!

True Audiophiles seek maximum performance within our systems or ANY components we select for audition or inclusion.  We don’t want to spend significant time and energy selecting SUSPECTS, then PROSPECTS before making a final PURCHASE just to ‘audition’ it.  

Fellow Audiophiles, I have a fix for you. 

By design, ALL CH Acoustic products deliver 100% of their designed performance at first use. There's no delayed gratification, no impairment, and no performance risk from Break-In.  That’s why I have them listed on my site at You connect the CH Acoustic cables and cords, press play, and listen -- no need to wait 10 seconds, let alone 400 hours!!! 

If you are a TRUE Audiophile (no phoneys are welcomed here), please recommend other equipment for me to check out. If I like it, I’ll also consider adding it at For now, CH Acoustic products ONLY! LOL!

Alright, this week’s lesson is over for now…

Stay Dangerous,


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