Good Sound < Great Design

Yep, it’s come that time for audio deets from the one and only, Audio Dork!

If you want to truly forget Good Sound, make sure you’re buying products with GREAT design. We’re not talking about your 6th grader’s science project here but well made audio products.

Here are the facts, as I know them:

  1. How your components are designed affect the sound they create. Sounds simple enough, but bad design is still selling! I have no earthly idea why, so that’s why I’m dedicating a whole blog to this topic. Remember, no matter how exotic the materials used, how flashy the website is or long-standing their corporate history, if the person putting it all together doesn’t know what they’re doing, at best, you’re back to just ‘good’ sound.
  2. A little research is needed -- not a doctorate degree in audio. Even Audiophiles, the smartest humans on earth, are sometimes unsure how to pick up on bad design. The key is to actively listen. Listen closely to your system, listen to other systems and compare. Determine what sound attributes YOU prefer to identify YOUR audio sound needs. You’ll quickly notice which manufacturers are peddling crap products. Afterall, you’re among the best and brightest, with a keen sense of sound.
  3. Shiny products typically don’t produce. I remember years ago (yes, I’m not a spring chicken), I had an old car that I refused to sell. Why? Because it runs better than my new ones! It has good parts and GREAT design. The fancier cars are always in the shop (you know which makers I’m talking about - lol), because they’re shiny and new -- but poorly put together. The same holds true for audio products. 

So what’s the takeaway? Listen, learn and compare. Start with this video.

Once you do that well, it’ll lead you to my site - I don’t believe in shoveling you a load of bs, I’ll just say try them and hear for yourself.

Until next time, ladies and gents. 

Stay Dangerous,

Audio Dork

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