The Audiophile Journey

I’m an Audiophile and VERY comfortable with that label. I’ve dedicated significant time, energy and money to feed my enthusiasm for “high-fidelity sound reproduction.” Or better yet, when I turn on my audio equipment, I want the sound of a live music performance EVERY time.

 The truth is, I believe ANY audiophile definition, including the definition above from the Merriam-Webster dictionary, is limiting and not FULLY inclusive of the sound loving thoughts of audio superfans like us. In addition, I believe fellow audiophiles and to an extent non-audiophiles have helped me on this journey toward better than good sound.

An audiophile is born. 

For a little background, my grandfather and father LOVED jazz and music was always playing in their homes and cars. My mother is a classically trained pianist, so like it or not, I knew the sound of that instrument from birth. And, in addition to being voluntold (told that I would volunteer) to play piano as a kid, I also learned to play saxophone and participated in many Jazz, Marching, & Symphonic bands.  Shockingly, I even sang and participated in a variety of choirs. Ok, I’ll be honest, my original intent for singing was more about who was in the choir than the music we were producing. LOL! However, all of those experiences played a role in my early appreciation for LIVE MUSIC! 

Head-banging music.

In college, like most, I acquired a sound system capable of “winning” the stereo wars in my dorm. Afterall -- this is where loud belongs. The only sound I cared about back then was obnoxiously loud. Post graduation, that transferred to trading in a fifth of my salary for my first, true audiophile system.  

A mature audiophile with a hint of sarcasm.

During the next decade or so, my family, size and love for sound all grew. My secret loves are now late nights with lights off and uninterrupted listening sessions. Those are the rare times I take off my snarky daytime hat in exchange for losing myself in music and memories, without cares or concerns.

If you’re looking for the same serenity in 2021, it all comes down to choosing a system that reproduces better than good sound! 

Stay Dangerous My Friends,


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